I’ve been struggling for a while to get one of my favorite web frameworks, Perl’s Catalyst on to one of my favorite LAMP servers,  XAMPP with little success. With the help of Ishigaki Kenichi over at http://ppm.tcool.org/ I’ve figured out a way get everything running. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Install XAMPP and the Perl Add-On.
  2. Install Perl
  3. Run PPM and add the tcool repository (http://ppm.tcool.org/archives/) and disable all other repositories.
  4. Remove File-Spec
  5. Run ppm-shell and install Catalyst-Runtime and Catalyst-Devel using the –force option
  6. Disable the tcool repository and reenable the ActiveState repository.
  7. remove Errno using the –force
  8. Reinstall the latest version of Errno (1.10)

I hope this saves someone some time and frustration in the future!