Yesterday, Kathleen and I got to meet Sophia’s foster family, Mrs. Lee and Mr. Choi. We had a wonderful time catching up in spite of the language barrier. They took us to one of their big shopping centers to buy gifts for Sophia. We founds lots of dolls for Sophia but no dolls that looked like a little Korean girl. They bought Sophia many Korean books, stickers, and magnetic Korean characters (which Mommy and Daddy will probably use as well).

After our morning meeting with Sophia’s foster parents, we met the Drs. Kim who run the adoption agency. They gave us a short history of modern Korea and updated us about all the work their agency was doing. Afterwards, we had lunch with some of the other families who are adopting children and had a good time finding out who they were adoptiong, where they were from, and what they did.

Later they took us back to their home and they shared a snack with us. We looked a pictures of Sophia and told them about how Sophia had grown as much as our poor Korean allowed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get this video of Sophia up in time for them to see it:


Afterward, we headed to dinner at a very nice hotel and what a dinner it was! There were at least 8 courses and each one of them was delicious. We of course took pictures and I joked to Kathleen that Peter will have probably figured out how to cook each of the courses by the time we get back.

Tomorrow, we see Liam again and meet one of our old Korean teachers.