We’ve met a lot of people in the last couple of days. On Friday, we got to see Liam again. We got to spend another hour with him and his foster family and we have another video of him.


Later that day, we met with some of our old Korean teachers and had a good time catching up at dinner. Being college students, they took us down through the bar hopping district for dessert afterward.

Saturday, we met with Sophia’s foster parents again for a snack a the restaurant downstairs and then went shopping in the stream district for a hanbok for Sophia. Kathleen wanted to go soak her feet in the stream but I had to remind her not to go into the stream because it is so polluted that it will dissolve your feet. Skepticism was expressed.

Today on Sunday, we’ve started winding down and getting ready to go home. We caught up with our teacher, Soo Hyun again, and she helped us find another hanbok for Liam and we had dinner at a great Japanese restaurant.

Now we’re working on getting all the stuff we brought packed back into our luggage.

Tomorrow, the long flight back home. See you in America!