Here are some tips for using ads to boost your business.

One way to get your site noticed and get new site visitors is through the use of Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Facebook ads are displayed in the right column of Facebook and can be targeted to a specific location, demographics (age, sex) or by user likes (for example: music, fashion, exercise). The downside of Facebook ads is that they only show up on Facebook. Google Ads are displayed in Google searches and all over the web on sites that advertise using the Google ad network. Google ads can be targeted to a specific location, however, their demographic targeting is less focused than Facebook. Both of these ad types are relatively inexpensive to run an experiment to see if they fit your niche. Google will often send out free advertising codes in the mail. If you’ve received one of them, let us know and we can plan a sample ad campaign to see if this type of marketing is right for you.

This article first appeared on Blue Zoo Creative’s website.