There are two broad tactics on how to pick a domain name.

The first approach is you use a name that has one of the keywords that you’re targeting. For example, if you sold widgets, you might try to register, or as your domain. Having an exact match of the keyword that you’re trying to rank is one of the factors search engines look for when ranking your site.

Make sure that the content that you have on your site is quality content that relates to your keyword and not simply a particular keyword repeated randomly. Remember that Google is doing its very best to ensure that you are writing for people, not automated search engine bots. Repeating keywords for search only is called keyword stuffing and you will be penalized.

The other approach is to pick something that supports your overall branding. is an example of this approach. Our domain doesn’t contain any of the keywords that describe our business (web design, SEO, social media, etc.). Instead, we targeted a name that is memorable and relates to our company branding (creativity, zoos and fun). For more on how we picked our domain name and branding, read this.

While doing your domain name research, be careful where you do it. Some services reserve domains that you search for in order to sell later at inflated prices. Our domain tool will make suggestions from a list of keywords and we don’t reserve the domains to later sell you.

Now get started on picking your domain name.

This article first appeared on Blue Zoo Creative’s website.