Increasing website traffic is a common goal of most website owners, but to do so, you have to know how visitors get to your site.

There are four main sources for website visitors: organic search, paid search, direct, and referral. 


Organic search and paid search is simply traffic that comes from search engines like Google. I’ve discussed them previously in my off-site SEO and digital advertising posts.

Referral traffic sources are links on other sites back to your site.

These can be harder to obtain, but here are some common methods:

  • Include social sharing buttons on your site
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  • Guest posts on other websites with a link back to your site
  • Website fields on social site profiles like Twitter
    Twitter Settings
  • Forum posts
  • Comments on blogs and other website

Direct traffic is from visitors that find your site directly as follows:

  • Directly typing your website into the browser
  • Clicking on a link in an email
  • Using a site in the browsers bookmark
  • Clicking a link embedded in a document, PDF, excel, or other file

To get more direct traffic try these actions:

  • Put your website address on your stationery, business cards, etc.
  • Include links to your site in the body and signature of your email
    Compose Mail Gmail
  • Link to your site in email newsletters
  • Add buttons to your site so visitors can easily bookmark your content for return views to your site
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