It’s the day after JSAP 2004 and I am in somewhat of a sad mood even after being greeted by loved ones who I have deeply missed. I have had a terrific time with all of you on our trip to Japan. This was such an incredible opportunity to visit a country in such unique terms. In one month we’ve packed in a huge amount of activity. We’ve done a lot of work for this trip but we’ve had a lot of fun times and I will remember them with great fondness.

Although our trip is over it is not the end of this blog. Hopefully, we can leave some good travel tips for the people who are going on JSAP next year. I would also like to add journal entries from other JSAPers besides myself. Please let me know if you are interested in doing so.

The majority of us will meet at Dr. Stapp’s house for one last hurrah. I will also see a few of you next year as school starts up again. However, many of you will be leaving the area and it might be a while before I see you again. To those of us who are leaving I say, take care, write often, and know that if you need help, just call.

Good luck and God bless.

Tomorrow, The Real World.