As you can see, the blog has been down for a while. I’m sorry I’ve been gone. I’ve been extremely busy with a new job and I’m also a slow, easily distracted writer.

The next question that I had when decided to restart my blog is what should I write about? I have several friends out there that who blog as well. They each have their own sphere of expertise and they also include what’s happening in their lives. It seems like all of the blogs are a little on the McLaughlin Group side in the passion of their comments. That is something that I didn’t neccessarily want on my site.

I also don’t really want to add a lot of personal life stuff on my blog as well. My life is pretty boring and since I’m a slow writer I want to focus on good content.

So, what to write about? I belive that the blog that I wrote in Japan was the most successful bit of blogging I have done. In my opinion, the content was interesting and I had something to write about everyday. I also got some good responses back from its readers. So, travel should be one of the main topics.

Now that my new job is in retail, I’d like to keep up with what’s happening in my old career of IT. I still like to tinker with computers and I’ll post whatever bits of information that I come across that I think would be interested to people ranging from experienced users to technotards.

So as my first tech entry, let me share some news from the IT community which I think is really great, The Return of the Screen Savers. These are the original guys who were on TechTV’s show of the same name before G4 or whoever they are now changed the format. Its great to hear these guys together again. They really know their stuff and have great on-air chemistry. The current incarnation is called “this WEEK in TECH” or TWIT for short. I think it’s kind of a lame name. I hope they come up with something better soon.