I’ve gotten a new Gmail account and I’m considering switching to it as my main email account. I’ve been using my current permanent email account for almost 9 years. I’m afraid to switch away from it because I’ve subscribed to so much stuff over the years, I might not be able to login to something that I need like a job hunting site or a forgotten password reminder.

I’d also like to switch because after 9 years I get a ton of junk email since my address has been floating around for years. My service has been getting better about blocking spam but I wish I could make it so where it blocks anything in Russian.

I’d probably get less spam with Gmal since it’s a new address. I haven’t really looked at Gmail’s spam blocking features. I assume they are at least as good as my current provider’s.

I also like the 2 GB of space Gmail offers. I don’t think I’ve sent 2GB of email in my entire emailing history. There’s also an ability to share files with your friends that sounds intriguing. I’ve also found a lot of interesting hacks in Make magazine that I’d like to try out as well.

I wish that it had IMAP capability and better usability with my Treo but I’ll probably switch soon.