We got to meet Sophia this morning! She was completely adorable in her cute little pink bow. I didn’t get any pictures of Kathleen with her but I did take about 20 minutes of video. I had some technical difficulties with getting the still photos up. Hopefully, I can also figure out how to get the video up as well soon.

The people with her are her foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee. They’re a great couple who’ve spoiled Sophia rotten, for which I am thankful. Sophia was pretty well behaved. She only cried out once or twice but stopped pretty quickly once you gave her her rattle. She does like to kick and drool. Rigth now its more of the former and less of the latter but something tells me that’s not going to stay that way for long.

Then we met with Dr. Kim and Dr. Kim, a father and son team that founded the adoption society where we’re adopting Sophia from. They’ve placed 46,000 kids in the 40-odd years they’ve been in operation.

We haven’t done much else yet. The flight over was very long and we were exhausted when we got in. We tried to stay up but after we got into the hotel and got cleaned up and all of our stuff squared away, we went to sleep. We’re going to do some poking around and maybe visit the tourist attractions at the DMZ (yeah, that still sounds weird to me). Its supposed to rain a lot so we’ll see what we get done this week.